There's a quiet of sound

As we all chase the wind

While we see in reverse

From the end we begin


Of moons and stars

And the children of dreams

Beats the innocent heart

With the family it sings


Our challenge in life

It will never stop growing

And for all that we know

We never stop knowing


So what of the cost? 

And for the reasons we cry

And what of the sins? 

That we tempted to buy...


Through our inspiration

We navigate our desire

Dividing the heat

And the fuel from the fire


For all those who seek

May we internally find

A solemn of peace

For our external mind


Wherever we roam

No matter what we decide

Whatever may come

We have no reason to hide


The valley of light

Rests in the mountain of clouds

While we all chase the wind

And the quiet of sound...



All we free

And all we've bound

Forever lost

And ever found

Joker wears

The jester's crown

Stars above

The journey's ground


To reach the end

And then come 'round

Tame the beast

Release the hound

We all look up

We all fall down

Chase the wind

And the quiet of sound...