Whispers have spoken to weigh on me

When I had my troubles

You were no where to be seen

You put your foot on the floor

When you should have done more

Like even out my soaring highs

And lows…


When will we see...     

Each other this week     

I’ve done this before, I vowed never again

But I can't shake the storm so I try it again         



You never leave well enough alone

Well I never sleep and it never shows

Etched in your mind you got to let it go  

When it all works out, would you let me know


Two steps back and the wind returns             

When the morning comes, yeah the sun does burn

But the looking glass is forever short

When the evening comes, the ghosts never learn



Do you mind the matter that made my mind

All was crystal clear, except the warning signs

Could you shut the door in better taste


No you can’t ignore, what you can’t erase

When will we see…

The ribbon of smoke

And the forest through the trees

With a  sample of spice, I vow never again

But while the stars align, I try it again


When will we see…

Beyond the curve, where the secrets do meet

While the troubadour, he vowed never again

We romance the past, so I try it again


All that I know now

I wish I knew it then

The traveler’s story’s told

Its written with his sins   

Engraved in Stone

We die alone

And the choices we make

Are riddled with their fate...